Score: Maddow- 1, Condescending GOP Strategist- 0

If you missed it, Rachel Maddow was on Meet the Press talking about the importance of women getting out to vote when this bullshit happened.

Maddow was talking about the pay disparity amongst genders when the oh, so lovely GOP strategist Alex Castellanos declared that there is NO pay gap. According to him, women make less money because men work more hours and tend to go for jobs with higher salaries.

I don’t know what world Castellanos lives in, but clearly, he’s not to in touch with this one.  As painful as it is, I could deal with Castellanos’ ignorance (or refusal to acknowledge his privlege), what I find most painful is how condescending he was during the interview.

I’m almost directly taking from Mediaite here, but really…. this??!

“I love how passionate you are. I wish you were as right about what you’re saying as you are passionate about it. I really do.”

Well guess what, Castellano! Maddow isn’t just passionate, she’s right and on CNN this morning they actually decided to take the time to show just how right Maddow was.

Not that any of us needed statistics from the Census Bureau to prove that point, but there ya’ go Castellano.

Castellano wrote a response to Maddow in the Daily Caller- a conservative political blog- saying, “In my rush to stop Maddow from challenging us to solve a problem we do not have, and unknowingly fabricating evidence of the Republican war on women, I did something wrong, however. I interrupted her and I apologize for that.”

So thanks for recognizing you were an incredibly rude, but …. wait, no. You still don’t get it.

It’s not just about being condescending and interrupting a woman when she’s talking about income disparity. It’s about working so hard to invalidate the experiences and ignore factual evidence of those who suffer at the hands of your privilege. It’s about how even in an “apology” you say that Maddow is “unknowingly fabricating evidence” in a way that attempts to undermine her work and call in question her intellignece. It’s about you, utilizing your gender privilege in this very interview to position yourself as superior.

Wise up, Castellano.

And sidenote- Hilary Rosen, please stop apologizing.  You called Ann Romney out on her privilege. That’s nothing to apologize for.